With the conclusion of our Phikeia education program we would like to congratulate our 31 new brothers on their initiation into Phi Delta Theta Georgia Alpha. During the six weeks of pledgeship, they accomplished a great deal; rebuilt broken tables and benches around the fraternity house, assisted in multiple community service projects across Athens, and last but not least, raised $19,426 (and counting) for the ALS Foundation! On top of that, we would like to give a huge congratulations to Will Campbell, Jason Hymel, and Jimmy Reimer for all raising over $1,000 and cementing their legacy in Phi Delt as Iron Phis. Fundraising has always been one of our strengths as we came in 1st and 2nd nationally the past two years, however, this amount has already surpassed the $18,664.26 we raised last year! This strong fundraising effort from our new brothers puts us in a great position to regain our first place spot, and if it’s any indication to the future success of this pledge class, we are going to be in great hands.